Mechanical Reliability

Further development, joining technology validation and technical design of welded joints with martensitic chromium steels

The project (IGF Project No. 19556 N) is funded by the Forschungsvereinigung Stahlforschung e.V. (FOSTA).

Those who are concerned with resource efficiency and lightweight construction in mobile structures can not avoid ultra-high-strength steels. Recent considerations have led to the use of martensitic stainless steels. These steels have advantages due to their inherent corrosion resistance, excellent formability and hardenability. However, due to their carbon contents of up to 0.46 mass percent, they have previously been classified as non-weldable. After having been able to determine the basics of weld metallurgy as well as the properties of welded joints under corrosive, cyclic and sudden loads in a previous project (IGF 17.433N, FOSTA P905), the results are validated and validated. For this purpose, the working points welding tests, fatigue strength and testing of the load capacity are applied to practice-relevant welding tasks.