Warning Systems for Electric Cars


Electric Vehicle Alert for Detection and Emergency Response

Within the eVADER project a warning system for electric cars was developed that alarms pedestrians or cyclists when a car approaches silently. The development of quieter, electric cars present a danger to pedestrians and cyclists crossing a street and not noticing approaching cars because of the lack of engine noise.

Using a forward-facing camera built into the front windshield, pedestrians, cyclists, or other traffic are detected and alerted by means of a warning sound transmitted from the car. Within this project, the Research Group SzM designed the system to generate this warning sound. In total, 6 speakers are located in the front bumper of the test-car, and controlled so that the warning alarm is emitted towards the detected targets.

The research results serve as a reference for future studies and could also be incorporated into legislation to be standardized in all electric cars. The consortium members include research institutions, automobile manufacturers and the European association of blind persons.