Tutorial Machine Acoustics

Experimental techniques are important tools for analyzing and assessing the acoustics of machine structures. In the machine acoustics tutorial several measurement techniques for analyzing structure borne and airborne sound are introduced. The participants will perform measurements and will analyze the results by means of various signal processing techniques. The machine acoustics tutorial introduces several data acquisition systems.

The tutorial is offered as a weeklong block course, where the following topics are treated:

  • digital data acquisition, calibration, and spectral analysis
  • measurement of the damping
  • determination of transfer functions and of the input impedance
  • operational deflection shape analysis by means of scanning laser Doppler vibrometry
  • determination of the sound power

The results of the measurements are documented in a written report and are presented in an oral colloquium including discussion.

All necessary material will be made available to participants during a kick-off meeting. There are no requirements for participating in the tutorial. However, it is an advantage if the lecture “Machine Acoustics Fundamentals I” has been attended before.

If you are interested in participating in the machine acoustics tutorial, please contact Mr. Christian Adams, M.Sc.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for registration: (via E-Mail and in TUCaN)
  • Kick-off meeting: tbd
  • Tutorials: tbd
  • Colloquium: to be announced

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