Structural Durability


The vast majority of the damages in components are usually traced back to failures in their structural design, as well as faulty coordination between mechanical loads, the surrounding environment, their geometry, stresses, the material used, and its fabrication. Therefore, damages can be mostly avoided in construction if all factors are taken into account.

In this course, the basics of structural durability and the interaction of important factors that are used in determining the problems in structural design, production and material selection, durability, and reliability are conveyed.


The goal of this lecture is to introduce graduate students of mechanical engineering to the behaviour of components, which can be dependent upon design, manufacture, operational stress (with constant or varying amplitudes), and material.

Time Block Lecture:
winter semester
Location L1|01 K264
Lecturer Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bruder
Exam Type oral
Exam Date Set by appointment with Dr. Bruder before registering for the exam on TUCaN
Credits Elective from Natural and Engineering Sciences (No longer elective D)
Credit Points: 4