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System Reliability, Adaptive Structures and Machine Acoustics

8.11.2016 Renaming of the research group SzM to System Reliability, Adaptive Structures, and Machine Acoustics SAM
01/2016 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Melz becomes director of SzM
10/2013 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Melz becomes provisional director of SzM
10/2013 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka becomes President of Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT)
07/2006 Seven lectures and one seminar are offered by the SzM Research Group. System Reliability, Machine Acoustics, Adaptronics, and Structural Durability are the central themes. Thirty-four employees, of which twenty-four are scientists, as well as ten student assistants, work in the expanding research fields
11/2005 The Research Group of “System Reliability in Mechanical Engineering” merges with the “Machine Acoustics” research group – a considerable addition of expertise in regards to the development of quieter and more reliable products. The name of the Research Group becomes “System Reliability and Machine Acoustics” under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Hanselka

System Reliability in Mechanical Engineering

05/2004 Fourteen employees now work at the Research Group. Five lectures and one seminar are offered.
07/2002 The number of employees rises to nine
10/2001 The Research Group moves into Building S1|08 at Magdalenenstraße 4 in Darmstadt. Initially seven employees work at the Research Group and research new system reliability concepts and methods
16.04.2001 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka begins term as director of the Research Group
08/2000 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka is named director of the Research Group
1998/99 New Research Group “System Reliability in Mechanical Engineering,” as well as cooperative agreements between TU Darmstadt and the Fraunhofer-Institut, are planned

Machine Acoustics

2000 The Research Group of “Machine Elements and Machine Acoustics” is dissolved after Prof. Kollmann becomes an Emeritus Professor. “Machine Acoustics” research group is integrated into the Research Group “Mechatronik and Machine Acoustics” under Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Nordmann; Focus of research: structure optimization, AVC – Active Vibration Control, structural intensity
1980 Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h. F.G. Kollmann is appointed director. Name is changed to Research Group of “Machine Elements and Machine Acoustics”; Focus of research: gear acoustics, numerical applications (FEM/BEM), structure optimization, alufoams
1972 One lecture is offered for the first time – “Machine Acoustics” (for two students)
1966 New founding of “Machine Acoustics” research group within the Chair of “Machine Elements and Gears”. This is the first time in the German-speaking world that research and teaching is done in “Machine Acoustics”
1964 Name is changed from Machine Elements I to “Machine Elements and Design Theory” and Machine Elements II to “Machine Elements and Gears”
1963 The “Machine Elements” Research Group of the at-that-time Technischen Hochschule Darmstadt is divided into “Machine Elements I” (Research Group Director: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Pahl) and “Machine Elements II” (Research Group Director: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert W. Müller)