Akustik Anwendungen I

Machine Acoustics – Applications I


The lectures “Machine Acoustics – Applications I” and “II” are offered in the summer and winter semesters, respectively, while “Machine Acoustics – Fundamentals I” and “II” are offered in the winter and summer semesters. Day and time for the lecture and recitation will be decided in a preliminary meeting.

The overall lecture is divided into three parts:

Summer semester:

Part 1: Secondary measures:

a) Reduction of directly generated airborne sound through secondary measures (dissipative sound dampers, baffled silencers, impedance silencer) – design of absorption silencers

b) Enclosure of machines

c) Room acoustic measures, acoustic screens, acoustic baffles, room lining

Winter semester:

d) Vibration isolation of machines in the acoustic frequency domain

Part 2: Primary measures:

a) Noise reducing primary measures through manipulation of dynamic excitation forces

b) Comparison of steel/cast steel, aluminium, and cast iron construction, for example a utility vehicle gearbox in forecasting for preliminary design

c) Low-noise designs with special consideration of lightweight construction (reductions of mass, increases in bending stiffness, additional damping measures, special measures at the location of excitation, structural optimization, skeleton construction, function separation)

d) Principle methods for the development of new or modified low-noise products

e) Evaluation and assessment of design sketches for the aspects of noise reduction (acoustic state analysis and acoustic weak point analysis)

f) Fundamentals of ANC (Active Noise Control) for airborne sound and AVC (Active Vibration Control) for structure-borne sound

Part 3: Measurement supplements:

a) Special cases of acoustic measuring technology (error correction in force and structure-borne sound measurements, calibration problems/errors)

b) Metrological/experimental investigation of acoustically relevant material and design data (dynamic E-Modulus, density, structural damping, eigenmodes, operational vibration forms)

The number of participants for this lecture is limited! Registration required.

Prerequisite Machine Acoustics – Fundamentals I
Time Block Lecture:
Monday 20.07.2015 – Thursday 23.07.2015;
8:30 – 16:30
Location S1|05 – 24
Magdalenenstraße 12, 64289 Darmstadt (former TU-HKW)
Lecturer Dr.-Ing. Joachim Bös and SzM – assistants
Exam Type written or oral exam, depending on the number of participants
Exam Date 24.07.2015
Credits Elective Area D
Credit Points: 6