ADP allgemein

Advanced Design Project

The research group SAM offers 'industry', usually, on an annual basis an Advanced Design Project. The ADPs are carried out in cooperation with the industry and are designed to supplement the theoretical learning into practical components. The scope of tasks varies according to project partner, so that each ADP brings new experiences and requirements with itself.

The sequence of the ADPs is divided into several phases. First, an introduction to the available measurement is carried out at the institute. The actual ADP begins usually with one-week on-site measurements with the project partner, who is also responsible for overnight food and lodging. While initial analyses is accomplished on-site, the main part of the measurement data evaluation is then performed at the institute. A detailed measurement report is also submitted. The ADP ends with a presentation of the results as colloquium at the institute. The final grade comprises of three-point tasks of on-site measurements, report and colloquium altogether. 6-8 CPs are awarded depending upon effort of the evaluation.

In addition, annually several ADPs take place directly at the institute. The students cooperate in the current research and projects. If you are interested in an ADP at our institute, then please contact our secretariat by E-mail (see link on the right side). In addition to your full name you also need to specify your desired working period and topic direction. Or sign-up directly on an advertised ADP (see notice-board in the institute or on the homepage).