Scaling laws can be used in machine acoustics to scale-up measurement results of a small-scaled prototype to those of the original structure. Furthermore, scaling laws allow for analyzing noise and vibration responses of size ranges such as a size range of gear boxes. The research focuses on the derivation of scaling laws of vibrating and noise radiating structures from virtual simulations (e.g., finite element simulations). Therefore, the methods of similitude analysis are combined with sensitivity analyses. This allows for directly obtaining scaling laws in the post-processing of virtual simulations. The scaling laws can be used to scale-up results from numerical and experimental simulations. Besides scaling the geometry parameters the scaling of the material properties is also investigated, e.g., to allow for predicting noise and vibrations of structures based on additively manufactured prototypes. This can contribute to the analysis and optimization of noise and vibrations during early stages of the product design process. The research group SAM collaborates with the university Federico II in Naples (Italy) on this research.