The service we offer is to optimize products during the design process or, even more beneficial, already during the development phase. We use current research results to evaluate both newly-designed technical products and those that are being further developed with respect to system reliability, machine acoustics, and adaptronics. Our module-based approach helps in achieving quick and cost-effective results. This approach combined with our experience, enables us to choose the most suitable method for your individual needs. New research ideas are constantly arising while working on industrial projects. These could be approached together with you in different forms of new projects.

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Consulting and Information

It is our aim to guarantee you our full service. We advise you on the specific topics of technical acoustics, noise control, and system reliability, i.e.:

  • the selection of suitable methods for analyzing your products (acoustics and reliability),
  • the low-noise design of your products,
  • the selection and implementation of passive or active systems,
  • the interpretation of numerical or experimental determined data.

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You can also address our contact persondirectly with specific questions on machine acoustics, system reliability, and adaptronics.


Firstly, we obtain a comprehensive understanding of the problem, to which we then apply numerical and experimental methods.

For numerical current-state-analyses, the following methods are available to us:

For experimental current-state-analyses, we use these methods:

Consulting with you and according to your specific problem, we then select the appropriate methods. You benefit from our experience with the combined application of numerical and experimental methods.

Derivation of measures

Using the results of the current-state-analysis, we derive concrete measures in order to better the acoustics or reliability of your product. We provide the methods of technical noise control and the applications of adaptronics.

We distinguish between passive and active solutions for sound reduction and vibration control. We offer the following passive solutions:

For active solutions, we offer:

Testing the effectiveness of the measures

After you have implemented the measures that we developed, we will test their effectiveness and compare the results with the current-state-analysis. Again we will use, in close consultation with you, our aforementioned numerical and experimental methods.

We are continuously developing new methods to identify systems through our interdisciplinary research in the fields of system reliability, machine acoustics, and adaptronics, as well as their interfaces. By looking at a system from various perspectives, we can explore the limits of differing systems from different directions and can consequently create a greater scope of possible solutions. We cooperate closely with other research institutions, which enables us to examine and evaluate not only the technical aspects but also the effect on humans.